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We are Appmine

We will mine the most for your business

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You never get a second chance
to make a good first impression

The purpose of the project, clarity and user experience are always the top priority,
from the initial idea down to the last detail.



During the development of a graphical user interface, we stand on the side of the user. It is our job to figure out how your application should behave and communicate with the outside world.

Graphics Design

Graphic design

Creative graphic design attracts customers and differentiates you from the competition. A comprehensive concept, modern design trends and purity are essential.

Mobile applications and responsive websites

There are more smartphones than toothbrushes in the world, and their numbers increase by 1.4 the population size of the Czech Republic each week.
The world is ever changing - be modern and never lag behind.
Introduce a great mobile application or website to your mobile customers and show that you care about them.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications

Users want to have their favorite services at hand. Well-conceived, functional and beautiful applications are what we excel in. Improve your services with a top-notch mobile application and you will be even more popular with your customers.


Current market

In 2013, over 1.2 billion smartphones and tablets were sold.

Mobile Websites

Mobile web

Every third website visit is via smartphone or tablet and the proportion is rising steadily.
Are you ready for them?
Nowadays, a web presentation needs to be attractive to visitors as well as accessible on all devices.



The number of smartphones and tablets sold in 2017 is estimated to be as high as 2.1 billion.

Mobile platforms



Android is the fastest growing and most widely used mobile platform. It is used in smartphones, tablets, cameras, cars, televisions, watches, bracelets, glasses and smart home devices. The Android ecosystem is very developed.

Apple iOS

Apple iOS

The second most widespread platform used in smartphones and tablets, iOS is used by Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple TV. It is also used in cars and smart home devices. Combined with other Apple products, it creates a perfect harmony.

Websites, applications and systems

It is absolutely essential nowadays to look good on the Internet.
Web presentations or applications, use of social media, Google maps, virtual tours and original creative approach are among the means to archieve such a goal.


Web presentations

If you are not visible on the Internet, it is as if you did not exist at all. The more attractive yet usable site, the greater chance to attract customers. A good first impression is very important and an attractive design will guarantee it.


Web applications, portals and e-shops

Users are happy when they can use your services wherever they want to.
Your customers will remember application which are usable and easy to control and will gladly recommend them to others.

Web Apps

Corporate web systems

We are experts in designing simple-to-use products which make things as easy as possible for users. Our internal systems for your employees or clients will save your money and time as well as improve your competitiveness.

Appmine Heineken Neutrogena Neutrogena

We can create other great products as well. We can help you bring your thoughts and ideas into reality. That's exactly what we enjoy doing.

  • SEO and online marketing
  • Graphic design for business cards, logos, print materials
  • Photographic processing and design of promotional materials
  • Virtual tours for Google Maps
  • Internal applications and systems for employees and clients
  • Analysis and design of improvements of working processes using internal applications and systems
  • Individual design and preparation of specification for an entire mobile application or website projects
  • Google Cloud Engine server application

You will enjoy
agile methods of project management

The ability to respond flexibly to changes in project progress, regular consulting with the customer and properly working solutions are among the advantages of agile development.
We use a combination of SCRUM and KANBAN methodologies in order to reach maximum efficiency and accuracy.

We enjoy our work

We are a team of creative an enthusiastic young people with great ideas.
We have had many years of experience in the IT world and cooperate perfectly within the team.
We regularly come up with our own project and we will be happy to employ our creativity on your projects as well.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss things with you