Business consulting

Business consulting

We believe in cooperation and sharing experiences. Building a thriving startup or business requires a lot of unique skills. In our team we have experienced people who have led successful innovation projects and startups and their advice is priceless.

Priceless advice

From an idea to a successful company


Tvorba inovací a startupů


Dotační poradenství


Právní a finanční řízení


Tvorba business plánu


Financování a investice


Realizace inkubátorů a coworkingů

Čím dříve začnete využívat potenciálu automatizace, tím dříve se pro Vaši firmu stane silnou konkurenční výhodou.

We share experiences and learn from each other. We create environments in which great things happen.

Creation of innovations and startups


We were at the creation and co-founded successful co-workings and innovative labs, created a social network for poets from all over the world, a platform for NFL fantasy football players and an application for teaching anatomy.

We enjoy creating new and innovative products and helping great ideas succeed in the world. And we will be happy to help you break through.

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Financing and investment

Finance is one of the basic pillars for every project. It is absolutely essential to have the right business model, healthy cash flow and enough investment to implement the project.

We cooperate with investors to whom we present selected ideas. Don't be afraid to call.

Experienced CFOs will oversee your business plans and financial management.

And other business areas

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