Analysis, UX solutions and development of a pilot version of a social network for poets that pushes the boundaries of poetry into the 21st century.

Even poem lovers already have their social network

In 2016, we started participating in a project that we did not know how big was going to be. Eventually, it turned out to be a social network that connects technology with paper and pencil in hand and allows people around the world to share poems through the Poetizer platform.


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How we worked on it


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Design and development time


Poetizer has been designed to satisfy all users on mobile devices as well as computers and tablets.


Who's idea was it?

The Sedlacek family is behind the project (Lucas Sedlacek, founder of the European Leadership & Academic Institute > Elai and his wife Johana Vamberska Sedlacek). Both have been associated with poems and literature since their youth, and this has stimulated them to create a platform that would expand interest in writing poems in the online world and thus support the younger generation.

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